Planning Committees

AA/PIRC is always looking for engaged students to participate on committees. Committees are formed starting in Winter quarter to plan Spring programs related to the committees' focus. 

Heritage Month Planning Committee
May is nationally recognized as Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month in commemoration of AA/PI achievements and contributions.
During May, AA/PIRC organizes various events to celebrate Asian American/Pacific Islander (AA/PI) culture and the contributions of AA/PI people, as well as programs to bring awareness to important issues within the AA/PI community. Every year AA/PIRC has a theme for Heritage Month with two main events, Cultural Celebration Night and an Educational event along with smaller events all throughout May. Committee members will decide on a theme, what kind of events to put on, and what keynote speaker(s) to have at the bigger events.

Year End Ceremony Planning Committee
The Year End Ceremony (YEC) is a graduation ceremony celebrating the commencement of AA/PI and SSWANA grads. Participating graduates receive a hand-made sash and opportunity to publicly thank their supporters at the ceremony which is followed by a reception.
YEC is organized by a student committee who decide the theme, decorations, keynote speaker and sashes for this year. The committee will be meeting once a week for one hour, but attendance is not mandatory. Refreshments may be provided. The committee plans to meet once a week starting winter quarter!