Donate to the Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center

The Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center is funded in part by student fees, supplemental grants, and the generous support of alumni, allies, and supporters.

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Asian Amerian/Pacific Islander Resource Center at UCSC! We have two main funds that enable us to finance our events, our endowment fund and our gift fund. When donating, please keep in mind that these funds differ in how your contribution will be accessed and the time period in which it is used. Our gift fund allows us to utilize your contribution immediately and in it's entirety, to finance programming. Our endowment fund will deposit your contribution into an interest-bearing account, where it becomes part of the principle. We then use the interest that is generated to finance our programming. In this way, the gift fund allows us to utilize your contribution with a large immediate impact, while the endowment fund enables us to use the interest generated over a longer period of time, but with a smaller immediate impact.


By Check
  1. Please make check out to "UCSC Foundation" 
  2. On the memo line, please include:
    • "AA/PIRC Gift Fund - AP001F"
    • "AA/PIRC Endowment - AP002FFEF"
  3. Place check in stamped envelope, addressed to: AA/PIRC -339 Bay Tree Building, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064


Currently, only endowment donations are accepted online. To donate, please click here.