AA/PIRC hosts a series of events each year that engages with different topics and issues affecting the AA/PI and SWANA communities. These events range from mixers, small workshops, to large scale events such as comedy shows. Below are a list of annual events.

    Heritage Month

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  • Community Welcome

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    Community Welcome welcomes new students to the commnity! The purpose of this event is to help new frosh, transfers, and any student who wants to get involve, find and engage with their community. By connecting and engaging with AA/PI and SWANA organizations and campus resources, students will be able to build communities, networks, friendships, and find their home on campus. 

  • Comedy Night

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    The Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center, hosts a night of AA/PI/SWANA identified stand-up comedic performer(s) that brings the campus community together for an event of fun, while learning about the diverse communities of UCSC!

  • Community Celebration Night

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    Community Celebration Night, as part of Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, celebrates the AA/PI community on campus and in the broader community. Cultural Celebration Night aims to highlight the diversity within the AA/PI community, recognize the contributions of AA/PIs, and highlight issues that are affecting our community. AA/PI student organizations and community members come together to perform and enjoy a fun night!

  • Student Leadership Mixer

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    Fall and Spring

    Student Leadership Mixer is a space for active members, core members, and allies of Asian American/Pacific Islander (AA/PI) and Southwest Asian and North African (SWANA) student organizations and campus programs to engage in critical conversations about leadership, community and solidarity. This event happens the beginning of every Fall and Spring quarter and is a great space to network and get connected with the community and activism on campus. 

  • Year End Ceremony

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    The Asian American/Pacific Islander and Southwest Asian and Northwest African (AA/PI and SWANA) Year End Ceremony acknowledges and celebrates the academic achievements and contributions of graduating students in the AA/PI and SWANA communities at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This event consists of keynote speakers, student speakers, performances, awards/scholarships, a sashing ceremony, wrapped up by a food reception.