Year End Celebration FAQ 2022


Q: How will the Year End Celebration continue with the ongoing COVID-19 guidelines?

A: The Year End Celebration will follow all of the current COVID-19 precautions per the venue’s policy. Reminders and updates will be posted to this section and sent to registered participants leading up to the event.


Q: When is the deadline to sign up for YEC?

A: The priority registration ends on April 30th and will ensure a spot at YEC and sash. Once, the date has passed you can still register to attend but we can not guarantee we will be able to provide a sash.


Q: I wasn’t really involved in AA/PIRC or any ethnic organizations. Should I still participate?

A:  YES! We welcome and encourage participation from all graduating undergraduate and graduate students who self- identify as Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and/or Southwest Asian/North African (SWANA), and/or have contributed to the AA/PI/SWANA communities at UCSC. 


Q:  I’m not technically graduating this quarter, can I still participate in the ceremony? 

A:  Yes! We welcome students who completed or will complete their degrees after Fall 2021 academic quarter through Fall 2022 academic quarter!


Q:  What is the difference between Graduation and the Year End Celebration?

A:  Year End Celebration is a ceremony that symbolizes the end of your undergraduate or graduate career. Graduation is the act of conferring an academic degree - receiving your degree or diploma, this is done through your myUCSC portal and handled by the Registrar's Office.


Q:  What does the sash look like?

A:  Every year the Year End Celebration Committee decides on a different design fabric and backing fabric. We keep the design a secret to seniors, be prepared to be surprised at how nice it looks!


Q:  Do I have to register to get the sash?

A:  Yes. The registration form also asks for your mailing address so we could send the sash to you if you will not be able to attend in-person.


Q:  I participated in last year’s YEC, but ended up staying another year.  Can I register and participate again this year?

A:  Unfortunately, no. However, we welcome you to attend the event as an audience member and support this year’s graduates.