Year End Celebration FAQ 2020


Q: How will the Year End Celebration continue with the ongoing COVID-19 orders?

A: The Year End Celebration will follow all of the current COVID-19 precautions. We are unsure how this year’s celebration will look but we still want to recognize the accomplishments of the graduating students. With that being said, we want to hear from you on how we should arrange the Year End Celebration. On the Year End Celebration registration form, there is a question that asks you for your input on how we can best celebrate you. Please respond to that question so your input will be heard! 


Q: When will we find out how the Year End Celebration will be celebrated?

A: Graduating students have until May 8th to fill out the registration form. Sometime soon after this date we will determine based on those answers, how we will celebrate the Year End Celebration. 


Q: What are some options for the alternative ways we can celebrate the Year End Celebration that adhere to COVID-19 orders?

A: We have several options as of right now:

  1. We can postpone the celebration to a later date once the COVID-19 orders determine it is safe to hold gatherings like the Year End Celebration. 
  2. We can hold the Year End Celebration remotely online over Zoom, so students may gather virtually. 
  3. Students can also decide to waive the Year End Celebration but still receive a sash and a small graduation gift. 
  4. Students are also able to pick if they would like the Year End Celebration to correspond with how the other UCSC commencements are being celebrated.

These are not the only options if you have more ideas there is a space in the registration form where you could write in your own answer. 


Q: I wasn’t really involved in AA/PIRC or any ethnic organizations. Should I still participate?

A:  YES! We encourage participation from graduating undergraduate and graduate students finishing their Masters or Doctoral degrees who self- identify as Asian, Asian American, and/or Pacific Islander, and/or have contributed to the AA/PI community at UCSC.


Q:  I’m not technically graduating this quarter, can I still participate in the ceremony? 

A:  Yes! We welcome students who completed or will complete their degrees after Fall 2019-20 academic quarter through Fall 2020-21 academic quarter!


Q:  What is the difference between Graduation and the Year End Celebration?

A:  Year End Celebration is a ceremony that symbolizes the end of your undergraduate or graduate career. Graduation is the act of conferring an academic degree - receiving your degree or diploma, this is done through your myUCSC portal and handled by the Registrar's Office.


Q:  What does the sash look like?

A:  Every year the Year End Celebration Committee decides on a different design fabric and backing fabric. We keep the design a secret to seniors, be prepared to be surprised at how nice it looks!


Q:  Do I have to register to get the sash?

A:  Yes. The registration form asks you for your mailing address so we could send the sash to you.


Q:  I participated in last year’s YEC, but ended up staying another year.  Can I register and participate again this year?

A:  Unfortunately, no. However, we welcome you to attend the event as an audience member and support this year’s graduates.